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Topic chat

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Topic chat

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Conversation starters for any situation

To navigate to an earlier place in the conversation path in the authoring canvas, select it in the Test bot pane. Click Complete to finish creating your Chat topic. What is the most beautiful song you have heard? As you move through the conversation in the Test bot pane, the authoring canvas highlights the current place in the conversation path.

Topics to talk about

The Test chat pane will automatically refresh itself when you save changes to a topic. The authoring canvas displays highlighted nodes in green. Select a Chat Status option button to indicate if the chat is non-restricted or restricted explained above. Enter a trigger phrase for the topic you want to check, and then continue testing the conversation.

Conversation topics

Whenever you run out of topics, start a conversation about them. You can also specify if a Chat is restricted - available only to selected users, or non-restricted — available to all users who can access the session. fopic

Each Chat needs a title, and optionally, a description. In the Topic Name field, enter the name that you want to give to your topic. Prerequisites Test a topic in the Test bot pane If the Test bot pane is hidden, open it by selecting Test your bot.

· 1. Select a response in the Test bot pane, which will take you to the response in the conversation editor for that topic. Procedure 1.

These conversation starters will help you strike up a discussion with be hard to settle on a topic that everyone can relate and contribute to. To help you tpic and fix unexpected behavior, you can enable tracking between topics to take you through the bot conversation step-by-step, and go to the corresponding node in the authoring canvas.

Continue the conversation, testing that it flows in the intended as deed in the topic. From any Chat windowtopiv Make New Topic.

Creating a chat topic

· 2. Click Create.

Track through the topic's conversation path As you fine-tune your bot, it can be useful to enable tracking between topics so you can follow through the conversation path topi by step. You will return to the list of topics where the newly created Chat topic is displayed. At the Type your message prompt at the bottom of the Dirty sexting screenshots bot pane, enter a trigger phrase for the topic.

Test your power virtual agents bot

The selected users will be chay from the Topic Users box. At the top of the Test bot pane, set Track between topics to On.

In the Description box, enter a short summary of your topic. You can return to the authoring canvas for the topic at any time to revise it's conversation path.

How to make interesting conversation - 17 steps with examples

Is this helpful? If the conversation path in the Test your bot pane moves from one topic to another topic, the authoring canvas refreshes and moves between topics to the appropriate highlighted nodes.

Clearing conversations makes it easier to see the flow of the topic you want to see without getting confused by conversations. The trigger phrase starts the topic's conversation, and the Test bot pane displays the bot responses and user response choices you specified. The following screen is displayed: Creating a Chat Topic 3.

You can change the users at any time. To select those users you want to be able to access this restricted Chat topic. It's a good idea to select Reset at the top of the Test bot pane to clear conversations.

Check the Type box as needed. The selected users will be added to the Topic Users box.

Interesting conversation topics - lots of questions and topics

What song gets you pumped. This value is optional. Click Save. This value is required. If you create a restricted Chat, you will need to specify those users who can access it. Power Virtual Agents app in Microsoft Teams As you de your bot in Power Virtual Agents, you can use the Test bot pane to see how the bot le a customer through the bot conversation.

Ask questions directly related to them, to make the conversation last longer without making. 98 Interesting Conversation Topics – Spark fun, unexpected conversations.