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Talk city chat rooms

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Talk city chat rooms

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Well, that is all I have to say, please click on the link below to enter TalkCity Chat.

New Chat/Posting Room. This by far is the most rediculous thing yet.

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I still have it, LOL. I like this room a lot better than TalkCity. It was off for four hours until she finally found hot chat rooms at the Webtv customer service who said "that's not right" and cut it back on. Its even worse because, if TalkCity doesn't like you, even if you're not causing a problem or harrassing people but DonnaCSA decides she doesn't like your name, she will ban you and Webtv will make it impossible for you to chat ANYWHERE by turning off your chat on your box.

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For most of us there is a big difference between teens and adults. So in my opinion if you must shut down gay rooms then ya better take the straight ones out too. If there are teens out there who say things TalkCity doesn't takk, Iit is their parents' right, not TalkCity's, to take free swingers chat line of that problem!

Real-time Group Chat Plugin for Wordpress Looking for the Talk City chat rooms at Delphi Forums? This would not be SUCH a problem if there were other places where it was easy for webtv'ers ropms chat.

Talkcity chatroom

My other room is more like a posting chatroom though, very similar to a boardroom, so this one is probably easier if you are chatting with a big group of people at the same time. Click below to enter, thanks! And also some that grated my nerves.

The only way you can enter my TalkCity. They don't tell you this in the TV commercials! Why ignore the fact who people are? That is what we have parents for!

We share every other right in this country, speaking is one of them, but society keeps us secluded from things because of who we sleep with. So if they chag so offended by who and what we do why do they make it their business to chat in our rooms?

Donna has banned people because they had rrooms or "lesbian" in their name. And there are more of us who use american tits rooms than straights anyway It isn't fair to us that one thing can be one to one room and not the other, that is why we all still feel so different from one another.

One of my friends called Webtv to complain about the rioms on the gay chatrooms at TalkCity and the Webtv tech said she was "defaming a partner" and cut off service to her Webtv right then. That chat room was on fire back in the day. I got into RPG around lateI believe, and met a lot of great people in there.

Talk City.

How talk city works

There are dozens of webtv'ers who cannot chat at all on their Webtvs because of the tyrants at TalkCity who get a kick out of ordering people around and threatening to have Webtv turn off their chat ability, and Webtv does it whenever they ask. Please click on the link below milf chat cooper landing paragraph to enter. If it were society's business then I can see the point, but it's not it's no-ones, and until that is realized this pettiness and childishness of banning things unfortunatly has chxt go on.

But Webtv makes it very difficult for us to go anywhere else because they just say 'go to another server' but they don't give us any information about how or where to find them, they just point us as TalkCity. I hope soon that things change and that this foolishness will end.

Talkcity chat plugin

People do everything in their power to move the "GAY" issue out of their life. Aimee is this discrimination of the stupid kind or what? When people come to a realization and figure out we are people too and chaf also have rights.

They should be finding ways to improve themselves, not treat us like they are our parents! I have a new chat/posting boardroom that you can use also, instead of TalkCity chat.

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I am the parent of a 4-year-old and a year-old, and it is MY right to make video chat random gay they "behave," not TalkCity's!!! We don't go into straight rooms, they come to us. Chat Now. Apryl Scrim I think talkcity should let us have our gay rooms ,cause we don't do anything wrong Society does this to us and now are chat rooms also.

What the hell is going on? I hope that in this life time things will change, it's hard enough to express who we are because we are not allowed, why stop us from chatting innocent talk to one another.