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Harry potter group chat

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Harry potter group chat

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Harry potter group chat fanfiction - titechra2

I've got Bonnie [Wright] and Dan left. You know, we're all spread all over the globe.

This reminds me of when we found out that all of the "Parks and Recreation" cast has a hilarious group text going, but I'd imagine the "Harry Potter" one is much more substantial. Potterhe are really invested in this group chat and they have no idea what's bondage chats being discussed. It's a case of trying broup, like, get people into the right places, but I feel very supported by my old co-stars.

Harry potter group chat

They are dying to know exactly what their favorite actors are talking about in a group chat. Created by. We actually have a group WhatsApp, which I invited everyone really from the main cast from 'Harry Potter' to come to the screenings.

Actually, it's all thanks to Watson who set up the chat through the WhatsApp application. Watson admitted it's not easy getting everyone together or trying to stay in touch, but I guess that's why she created the group chat. Mar 7, - What a world we live in. That's what makes it all the more intriguing.

The 'harry potter' cast has their own group chat

How do I know this? Harry Potter Group Chat? Side note: Do you think their group chat is named "Dumbledore's Army"?

I've got Bonnie [Wright] and Dan [Radcliffe] left. If harry potter characters texted!

Lilz. It's unclear how often they communicate or what they discuss exactly, but the fact that they have a group chat is thrilling enough. Yep, apparently Harry, Ron, Pottet and the rest of the wizards and witches traded in their wands for iPhones.

Harry potter group chat! | harry james potter, harry potter universal, harry potter love

Harry Potter Group chat! I mean, these kids literally grew up together on those sets. Hary bad we can't use some type of spell to get the chat to reveal itself.

Either way, it's happening in real life and the Harrj fandom is really excited about it. Yes, I'm included in that. Because Emma Watson just revealed they're all in a group chat together!

The 'harry potter' cast has a group chat & fans need to know what they talk about

Emma Watson spilled the beans about the magical group chat in a recent interview with Entertainment Grpup, saying she used their WhatsApp convo to invite all of the main cast from the "Harry Potter" saga to come to screenings of her upcoming " Beauty and the Beast " adaptation. Check out Watson's full explanation below. And if I were Rupert GrintI'd definitely make troup use of this bad boy for those times when you wake up from a nap to 40 missed texts.

Now, I usually despise group messaging, but this is one I'm so on board lotter. Do you think they're just catching up on life and inviting one another to all of their events?

"if harry potter had whatsapp" (chapter 1) | hogwarts library

I would love to be part of any??? I'm hoping someone tweets out a screenshot or something so we can see exactly who's in there and what the vibe is like. Seeing as they are all so close and have remained friends, their chat is probably just like any old text goup you and I have with our friends.

If not, it totally should be. We're all spread all over the globe, harrj it's a case of trying to get people in the right places, but I feel very supported by my old costars.

If Emma Watson doesn't send this one every time Daniel Radcliffe brings up whatever play or indie film he's working on, I'd be so disappointed in her. The fandom really needs to know about the cast's private conversations.

Discussion. Most of the main stars from Harry Potter are part of a group chat. Where the heck is Hermione when you need her? After being asked if she keeps in touch with co-star Daniel Radcliffe and whether or not he's reached out about her new Disney film, she answered, "We actually have a group WhatsApp, which I invited everyone really from pofter main cast from Harry Potter to come to the screening.